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Image Comparisons

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch (1863 –1944) was the Norwegian painter who is best remembered for creating The Scream (1893), a picture which has become an icon of modern anxiety and alienation. He was influenced first by Naturalism and Impressionism, but he soon matured as a Symbolist. He explored themes of death, sex, love, fear, and longing in a way that strongly influenced the German Expressionists.
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Comparison #1

Edvard Munch vs. Christian Krog: The Visceral Response

The Sick Child
Sick Girl

Edvard Munch
The Sick Child (1886)

Christian Krohg
Sick Girl (1880-1)

Edvard Munch's The Sick Child(left) depicts his dying sister in expressively open brushwork. In contrast, Christian Krog's Sick Girl(right) depicts his dying sister with meticulous brushwork and mimetic precision.
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Comparison #2

Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh: Inner Anxiety Made Visible

The Scream
Eternity’s Gate

Edvard Munch
The Scream (1893)

Vincent Van Gogh
Eternity’s Gate (1890)

Edvard Munch's The Scream(left) uses expressive waves of color and undulating lines to depict himself in a moment of anguish. Vincent Van Gogh's Eternity's Gate(right) exhibits similar abstraction in an empathetic depiction of an elderly man.
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Comparison #3

Edvard Munch and William Frith: The Modern Crowd

Evening on Karl Johan Street
The Railway Station

Edvard Munch
Evening on Karl Johan Street (1892)

William Powell Frith
The Railway Station (1862)

Edvard Munch's Karl Johan Street(left) conveys urban angst with ominous figures and underlying symbolist abstraction. In contrast, William Frith's The Railway Station(right) expresses the urban and industrial rise with cinematic vignettes of anticipation and delight painted with meticulous attention to realism.
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