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Claude Monet Photo

Claude Monet

French Painter

Movement: Impressionism

Born: November 14, 1840 - Paris, France

Died: December 5, 1926 - Giverny, France

Claude Monet Timeline

"For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life - the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value."

Claude Monet Signature

Summary of Claude Monet

Claude Monet was the leader of the French Impressionist movement, literally giving the movement its name. As an inspirational talent and personality, he was crucial in bringing its adherents together. Interested in painting in the open air and capturing natural light, Monet would later bring the technique to one of its most famous pinnacles with his series paintings, in which his observations of the same subject, viewed at various times of the day, were captured in numerous sequences. Masterful as a colorist and as a painter of light and atmosphere, his later work often achieved a remarkable degree of abstraction, and this has recommended him to subsequent generations of abstract painters.

Key Ideas

Inspired in part by Édouard Manet, Monet departed from the clear depiction of forms and linear perspective, which were prescribed by the established art of the time, and experimented with loose handling, bold color, and strikingly unconventional compositions. The emphasis in his pictures shifted from representing figures to depicting different qualities of light and atmosphere in each scene.
In his later years, Monet also became increasingly sensitive to the decorative qualities of color and form. He began to apply paint in smaller strokes, building it up in broad fields of color, and exploring the possibilities of a decorative paint surface of harmonies and contrasts of color. The effects that he achieved, particularly in the series paintings of the 1890s, represent a remarkable advance towards abstraction and towards a modern painting focused purely on surface effects.
An inspiration and a leader among the Impressionists, he was crucial in attracting Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Édouard Manet and Camille Pissarro to work alongside each other in and around Paris. He was also important in establishing the exhibition society that would showcase the group's work between 1874 and 1886.
Detail of <i>Garden at Giverny</i> (1900) by Claude Monet
Detail of Garden at Giverny (1900) by Claude Monet

From the theoretical and critical battles with the emerging Impressionists in Paris, to the later love of spending his time outdoors studying light, Monet was driven all his life by his passions. As he said "I am good at only two things, and those are gardening and painting."

Influences and Connections

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Claude Monet
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Eugéne BoudinEugéne Boudin
Gustave CourbetGustave Courbet
Jean-François MilletJean-François Millet
Édouard ManetÉdouard Manet
J.M.W. TurnerJ.M.W. Turner

Personal Contacts

Pierre-Auguste RenoirPierre-Auguste Renoir
Frédéric BazilleFrédéric Bazille
Charles BaudelaireCharles Baudelaire
Alfred SisleyAlfred Sisley
Émile ZolaÉmile Zola


Influences on Artist
Influences on Artist
Claude Monet
Claude Monet
Years Worked: 1852 - 1926
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Influenced by Artist


Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh
Paul CézannePaul Cézanne
Edgar DegasEdgar Degas
Georges SeuratGeorges Seurat
Camille PissarroCamille Pissarro

Personal Contacts

Paul Durand-RuelPaul Durand-Ruel
Stéphane MallarméStéphane Mallarmé
James WhistlerJames Whistler
Georges ClemenceauGeorges Clemenceau



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