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The Art Story was designed with powerful tools and extensive content to allow users to examine and focus in on specific artists, movements and art ideas.

We live in a world that is simply overflowing with information. Quantity of material is often not the problem, but trustworthiness, consistency, and overall quality are lacking in many resources, especially on-line. This is where The Art Story excels. We now offer almost a thousand different topic pages (artists, ideas and movements).

Each page provides the most important points to understanding the overall topic, its history and background, and the most important artwork that exemplifies the topic. You thereby have quick access to the most valuable information, and links to related topics – right at your fingertips.

Keeping Current

What really makes The Art Story useful to researchers is our commitment to making, and keeping, this resource up-to-date and relevant. We are continually adding and refining content, and utilize suggestions from our large, worldwide audience to offer you the most complete, up-to-date resource possible.

Citing The Art Story

Every page on The Art Story contains a “cite” link which allows you to easily reference information from our site in your own published works.

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