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"One of the most charming and informative website ever. I feel deeply grateful to have found out this super useful website, and even more grateful to those who pour their hearts and minds into this site. I hope you keep up your wonderful job!"
- TheArtStory visitor, May 2017
"A magnificent archive, heartfelt and evocative, endlessly fascinating and unique in its comparisons and rich detail. TheArtStory is a treasure trove!
Thank you for the fruits of your creative labor."
- Art Professor, Oct 2017
"Thank you for your great structured pages and for the time and effort you clearly put in every artist!"
- Haroula, Oct 2017

The Art Story is hiring!

TheArtStory.org is a non-profit specializing in art history education using technology. Our main initiative is our website TheArtStory.org that educates art lovers by providing easy-to-read and no-nonsense information. The very best Art History info, packed tight and optimized for internet use. The website is now visited by 1.2 million monthly visitors, so it is an exciting time of growth for us.

We are looking for a few people that could help bring us to the next level of engaging an even bigger audience using the very best art history content.

Senior Writers:

We are looking for an expert/authority in modern art (and pre-modern roots of modern art) - someone to serve as writer of final content. Fairly strict requirements here as we are looking for a person PhD-level or similar with many years experience. Clear, concise breakdown of modern art artists and ideas must be accomplished within a limited budget for major research.

The position is freelance, approximately 10-20 hours per week, work from "home". Communicate with Art Story staff via email and phone.

Please, please first: explore the structure and goals of our Artist Pages and then, consider contacting Michael @ info@theartstory.org

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