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The Case for Online Art History Resources

The reality is that the pandemic has pushed many teachers and professors to teach online. This may be the time to start using an online syllabus, and to use more web resources. The reasons:

  • Students are more comfortable learning online
  • The quality of online resources has vastly improved
  • Online Resources allow more topics that are beyond the standard, male/Western-driven canon
  • Low cost solution – no more expensive textbooks
  • Some textbooks are terribly outdated and not fit for online learning

We Want to help!

The Art Story has been building resources online for 12 years. We know that switching resources for a course is a tremendous undertaking and we are here to help. It is a process and needs to be thought through - we are not blind to the advantages textbooks offer too.

We will work with you to put together your own syllabus. And you have the option of having a standard PDF/print-out syllabus, or use an online version like the below:

Week 1 - Course Intro / The Pre-Renaissance
Sept 22
What is Art History
Pre-Renaissance Art
Why Art?!
Why would we learn art history
Sept 24
The Pre-Renaissance
Italy (1200s)
The Art Story: Giotto
Questions to Consider
What was life like before the Renaissance.
What is One-point linear perspective?
Additional Reading
  • Italy at the time
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  • Consectetur adipiscing elit
Week 2 - 16th-century High Renaissance in Rome / 15th-century Renaissance in Northern Europe
Week 2 content - Coming soon..

Note: We work hard to build the most quality information on The Art Story, and we update and correct our content diligently. But there are many excellent resources online that engage students. By all means, we welcome using The Art Story in conjunction with other resources, such as the Khan Academy.

Connect with us today to see how we can help you use more online resources. We will speak and help the first 10 professors that reach out to us. Connect with Michael, Founder of The Art Story, today!