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Whether you are a gallery owner, appraiser, or any other art professional, your livelihood depends on access to well-organized, high-quality art information.

The Art Story offers powerful tools and extensive content to allow your staff and your clients to examine and focus in on specific artists, movements and art ideas.

For example, a gallery owner may need to provide clients with information on a specific artist in relation to a potential purchase. As importantly, the client may want perspective on the movement the artist represents, other artists from that movement, and the periods or movements before and after, in order to develop historical context for the piece.

With this resource, you can help your clients better understand and appreciate artwork that they own or are considering for purchase, while properly reflecting the professional values of your business or organization.

The resources of The Art Story Foundation are available free of charge through any computer or mobile device, 24/7, while providing the quality and consistency of content that are essential to developing client trust.

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