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And the Nominees Are: Ed Kienholz Introduces You to the 2015 Oscar Nominated Films

And the Nominees Are: Ed Kienholz Introduces You to the 2015 Oscar Nominated Films

The Academy Awards, are coming up soon! There are ten movies nominated for Best Picture this year, but how many of them do you know? To give you a little help on the big night, we’ve used Ed Kienholz’s installations to describe some of the Oscar noms and make them a little more relatable.

American Sniper (2014) The Portable War Memorial (1968)

The American Sniper is a War Machine: War, huh yeah. What is it good for? If you’re Ed Kienholz you might say absolutely nothing, but if you’re a member of the Academy, you might say something different. Cast your vote and see who’s right on February 22nd.

Wild (2014) The Illegal Operation (1962)

The Illegal Operation goes Wild: Turn down for what?! Not hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, that’s for sure. Better hope that all you need is a juice cleanse to detox after a wild night out and not a seat in either of these chairs.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Back Seat Dodge ’38 (1964)

Young Love, Inside and Outdoors: Romance isn’t always silk sheets and scented candles, sometimes all you’ve got to work with is the back seat of a car or a makeshift room in the attic of a candy-colored bakery.

Whiplash (2014) The Ozymandias Parade (1985)

Fight the Power! : Don’t be a doormat! It’s never good to let people walk all over you. Give them a piece of your mind; stand up to the tyrants in your life, from sadistic music teachers to totem-wielding oligarchs.

The Imitation Game (2014) The Bench (1975-76)

Check Your Newsfeed: In the prehistoric age before iPhones there was one type of social media, the radio. And certain people were masters at it. Hitler direct messaged his followers through the radio, and sent tweets using enigma codes. It’s a good thing that the abbreviations in a modern tweet are easier to crack than those codes, or else we’d never know what our favorite celebs were doing.
After reading about half of the Best Picture nominees, which one do you think will win?

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