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"of course, Rothko would hate this type of analysis and boiled down biography of his life and work. but still, something to consider."
- Bryan, November 2011
"BEST ART WEBSITE OUT THERE! Accurate information, beautifully worded. Keep doing what you do! "
- Sheldon, Gallery Owner, May 2013


The below notes deal with miscellaneous topics related to this website and The Art Story Foundation as a whole.

A note on simplifying art history

Although the creators of TheArtStory.org understand that breaking down movements and influences into simple statements is a form of simplification, we believe that this step is a required one to make the complex concepts in Modern art palatable for the larger audience that this website is trying to accommodate. Users with advanced understanding of Modern art may find the breakdowns too general, but for those people the website offers further in-depth analysis and references to original sources.

A note on viewing reproductions online

Whenever we look at web images of artworks, it is important to remember that much of the effect that these images have is completely lost when viewed on our computer monitor. This is invariably the case with Abstract Expressionist works where the size, color and surface are key to the appreciation and the experience. Please do not forget this at any point while using this site.

Why is TheArtStory.org not written more academically, with citations, bibliographies, etc?

The goal of our organization is to introduce the arts, and art history to a broad audience. We believe that technical writing, including extra terms and citations take away from the reader's experience. We attempt to be as friendly and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The problem in maintaining interested readers is further amplified on the internet, where our audience's ability to read off the screen and overall length of attention span is generally limited.

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