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The Meural Canvas

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Meural is an art technology company with the mission of provoking art discovery and expression. To do this, they've crafted the Meural Canvas, a digital frame designed to be as lifelike and textured as gallery art. Each Meural Canvas provides access to a comprehensive library of tens of thousands of works of art.

Meural is vastly different than a conventional digital photo frame. Beyond rendering each image with the precision demanded by quality art, the Canvas allows you access to overviews of the artwork and artist by simply waving across a gesture sensor in front of the Canvas.

Meural was incubated out of an artist collective in New York’s Lower East Side, and remains dedicated to supporting the arts, both through its work and financially.

Our Strategic Partnership

The Art Story has partnered with Meural, providing the Meural Canvas with artist biographies and movement pages – making each Canvas a better tool for enjoyment and education. And now, we have reached an agreement where The Art Story readers can get $50 off the purchase of a Meural Canvas — just by using discount code “THEARTSTORY”. For each purchase made using this code, Meural will make a donation to The Art Story, supporting our growing offering of the most accessible and clear information about art history in the world.

To learn more about Meural, visit Meural.com.

Meural banner

Meural Discount Code: THEARTSTORY