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"This is the best website of all time for modern art. I have jettisoned textbooks in two classes since these pages are more up to date, reader friendly and comprehensive. Amazing."
- Laura, Art History Professor, May 2016
"I could feel that it was someone's labor of love - which made it that much more enjoyable to visit The Art Story. It was so informative yet charming and warm and is my go-to resource."
- Susie, Web Developer, August 2016
"Perfect website for arts students as well as teachers , researchers and arts lovers. Great job! Thank you very much for making available great works with insightful remarks and analysis."
- anonymous, August 2016

"What a beautiful write-up you did of my hero! Thank you!"
- Teresa, August 2016

"Your presentation is clear, coherent, has depth and signals further sources. EXCELLENT"
- Katie, Student in UK, Nov 2016


We define Modern Art as the history of artistic achievements in the age of modernism, approximately between the years of 1850 and 1980.

Just as there is the history of the world, we discuss the particular settings surrounding historical developments in the arts. And similarly to physics, where one scientist builds on the breakthroughs of others, we approach art as a progression of artistic discoveries.

Every one of our topic pages is designed to convince a complete skeptic of the importance of the particular artist, movement or idea it covers. Each idea is presented clearly, succinctly, and without reliance on specialized art terms or "advanced" concepts, making Modern Art both accessible and digestible for all.

These Art Story values and concepts are reflected in every logical argument, artist quote, or supporting resource throughout our website. The content grows every week, is read by over 9 million internet visitors per year, and continues to attract more and more people to Modern Art.

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