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"I believe there is no resource that speaks more directly to what art audiences need today: key ideas and terms, explained in direct, concise prose. What a refreshing discovery!"
- Ruth, Nonprofit Specialist, Aug 2016
"Would be lost without it.. my students use it and breathe it in..."
- Wright, Modern Art Professor, 2015
"Hello! I would love to donate, but I am a teen and I barely have money to buy a capri-sun, your info always helps me, like ALWAYS - Thank you!"
- Mara, HS Senior, Jan 2015
"TheArtStory is one of the only websites that supplies quality information about artists and art movements. On behalf of every user we are very grateful for the work you put into this site, keeping it up to date and extremely accessible."
- James, Museum Visitor, Nov. 2012
"We love your site and will continue to use it and support it"
- An Emerging Art Group, June 2016
"The most comprehensive overview of art that I have ever discovered on the internet. A true wealth of information for a docent to draw upon to inform and help elucidate the works of a world of artists for museum visitors. Brilliant!"
- Lew, Sept. 2016
"Thank you for being there. What a fantastic website. Please keep your writing honest and sincere to the artist's work. I cannot send money now, but I hope to with each painting I sell. I am working with a partner and he needs this website to understand today's art. Bravo!"
- M.C., Artist, November 2016
"Just want you to know that I understand how hard it is to build and maintain such a fertile resource. And sure, if I gotta pay a couple of dollars a month for this, why not. What you have been doing is truly significant, I sincerely appreciate it. Just shout out to your readers whenever help is needed, we have to keep this going."
- Draven, Oct 2016
"I direct college students to the site and do so with confidence. Thanks for all you do!!!!"
- Website Visitor, Oct 2017

Who Are Our Supporters

Our supporters are mostly regular people who care about art education.  They choose to support The Art Story with a meaningful gift regardless of their age, gender, race, or capacity (wealth).  Here at The Art Story, we are proud that our supporters make us part of their philanthropy.  We love our donors, and we are grateful for their generosity!

Please consider joining our group of supporters, as our work would be impossible without such help. There are many WAYS TO SUPPORT US.

Your feedback, comments, and recommendations are just as valuable to us as your financial support, so please take a minute to spread the word about The Art Story.  Like us on Facebook, subscribe to our infrequent emails, and recommend us to your friends.


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