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Modern Artists in Jewish Art

Below are biographies and analysis of the work of artists central to Jewish Art. And explore more on the Jewish Art Initiative page.

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German-American Textile Artist and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Bauhaus, Proto-Feminist Artists

Born: June 12, 1899 - Berlin, Germany

Died: May 9, 1994 - Orange, CT, USA

German-American designer and textile artist Anni Albers was the wife of Josef Albers and an influential artist in her own right. Her work brought together good design and modern materials with the Bauhaus design ethos, where she studied and taught before moving to the United States.


American Photographer

Movements and Styles: Modern Photography, Straight Photography, Documentary Photography

Born: March 14, 1923 - New York City, New York

Died: July 26, 1971 - New York City, New York

Diane Arbus is recognized for her insightful street-based compositions and black-and-white portraits of marginalized individuals on the fringes of mainstream society, including images of nudists, transvestites, and mentally and physically handicapped people.


American Photographer

Movements and Styles: Modern Photography, Straight Photography, Documentary Photography, Fashion Photography

Born: May 15, 1923 - New York City, New York

Died: October 1, 2004 - San Antonio, Texas

Richard Avedon revolutionized fashion photography by enlivening his models, by showing them in movement. He also excelled in black-and-white portraiture - celebraties and common folk were exhibited in psychologoically revealing ways. His large and powerful body of work makes Avedon one of the most famous photographers of all time.


French-Russian Draftsman, Painter, and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Cubism

Born: July 7, 1887 - Vitebsk, Russian Empire (present day Belarus)

Died: March 28, 1985 - Saint-Paul, France

Marc Chagall was a Russian-born, Jewish-French artist that reached great popularity during the 20th century. Although his art is associated with several movements, Chagall is commonly grouped in with the German Expressionists. Much of his early work was credited with synthesizing visual elements of Cubism, Symbolism and Fauvism.


American Painter, Sculptor, and Installation Artist

Movements and Styles: Feminist Art, Installation Art

Born: July 20, 1939 - Chicago, Illinois

Judy Chicago is an American feminist artist and author. Originally associated with the Minimalist movement of the 1960s, Chicago soon abandoned this in favor of creating content-based art. Her most famous work to date is the installation piece The Dinner Party (1974-79), an homage to women's history.


Ukrainian-born French Painter, Textile Designer, Fashion and Costume Designer

Movements and Styles: Cubism, Orphism

Born: November 14, 1885 - Odessa, Ukraine

Died: December 5, 1979 - Paris, France

Sonia Delauney with her husband Robert Delauney, began the Orphism art movement during the pre-War period, characterized by its use of strong color palettes and geometric, abstract forms. Delaunay's work also popularly incorporated the use of fabric, furniture design and clothing.


British Sculptor

Movement: Modern Sculpture

Born: November 10, 1880 - New York City, New York

Died: August 19, 1959 - London England

Jacob Epstein was an American-born British sculptor who helped pioneer modern sculpture. He often produced controversial works, which challenged taboos on what was appropriate subject matter for public artworks. He also made paintings and drawings.


British Painter

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism, Realism, School of London

Born: December 8, 1922 - Berlin, Germany

Died: July 20, 2011 - London, England

Lucian Freud devoted himself almost entirely to portraiture, applying richer colors and impasto brushstrokes into his intense character studies.


Russian-American Sculptor, Designer, and Architect

Movements and Styles: Constructivism, Kinetic Art, Bauhaus, Op Art

Born: August 5, 1890 - Bryansk, Russia

Died: August 23, 1977 - Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Naum Gabo was a Russian sculptor associated with the Constructivist movement, and was a pioneer in Kinetic sculpture. Gabo was a key avant-gardist in post-revolutionary Russia, and later played an influential rule in British abstraction, De Stijl and Bauhaus schools, and in the United States.


American Painter

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: March 14, 1903 - New York, New York

Died: March 4, 1974 - New York, New York

Adolph Gottlieb was an Abstract Expressionist painter who commonly used grids, pictographs, and primitive symbols in his work.

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American Painter

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: June 27, 1913 - Montreal, Canada

Died: June 7, 1980 - Woodstock, New York

Philip Guston was a Canadian painter during the 20th century. Initially associated with the New York School of abstract art, Guston famously abandoned pure abstraction in the 1950s and turned to figurative art and quasi-abstract cartoon imagery. His later work, for which he is best known, was a major influence on the development of Neo-Expressionism in the U.S.


American Painter

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: March 28, 1922 - Newark, New Jersey

Died: November 15, 2008 - Baltimore, Maryland

Grace Hartigan was an American painter and an important figure among the second generation of Abstract Expressionists. Her paintings are characterized by their rich color and bold mixture of abstract and figurative styles.


German Graphic Designer and Photomonteur

Movement: Dada

Born: June 19, 1891 - Berlin, Germany

Died: April 26, 1968 - Berlin, former East Germany

John Heartfield was a German graphic designer and political activist, most renowned for creating a number of anti-Fascist propaganda photomontages. Heartfield is also noted for his contributions to the Dada movement, creating stage designs, book covers, and altogether merging politics and art.


German-American Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Minimalism, Feminist Art

Born: January 11, 1936 - Hamburg, Germany

Died: May 29, 1970 - New York, New York

Eva Hesse was a major New York artist whose sculpture, assemblage, and installation brought issues of feminism and the body into Minimalism's formal vocabulary. She is heralded as one of the quintessential Post-Minimalist artists.


Romanian-Israeli Painter, Sculptor, and Architect

Movements and Styles: Dada, Expressionism, Constructivism

Born: May 24, 1895 - Bucharest, Romania

Died: April 21, 1984 - Ein Hod, Israel

Marcel Janco was a Romanian and Israeli visual artist, architect, and art theorist. He was the co-founder of Dada and a proponent of Constructivism in Western Europe, and his work was widely regarded as avant-garde and innovative.


American Performance Artist and Theoretician

Movements and Styles: Happenings, Performance Art

Born: August 23, 1927 - Atlantic City, New Jersey

Died: April 5, 2006 - Encinitas, California

Allan Kaprow was an American painter, collagist, assemblagist and performance artist. Kaprow was best known for trailblazing the artistic concept "happenings," which were experiential artistic events rather than single works of art.


American Draftsman and Painter

Movements and Styles: Pop Art, Contemporary Realism

Born: July 24, 1927 - Brooklyn, New York

Alex Katz is an American figurative artist associated with the Pop art movement. In particular, he is known for his paintings, sculptures, and prints and is represented by numerous galleries internationally. Since the 1950s, he worked to create art more freely in the sense that he tried to paint "faster than [he] can think." His works seem simple, but according to Katz they are more reductive, which is fitting to his personality. Katz has received numerous accolades throughout his career, and has been the subject of a documentary and numerous publications.


German Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, and Installation Artist

Movement: Neo-Expressionism

Born: March 8, 1945 - Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

Anselm Kiefer is a German painter and sculptor, and was a pioneer of the late-twentieth-century movement Neo-Expressionism. Kiefer's mixed-media art typically incorporates straw, clay, lead and shellac, in addition to traditional paint and canvas. The themes of his work often focus on the atrocities of the Holocaust, as well as the occult, cosmos, and mythology.


American Painter

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: October 27, 1908 - Brooklyn, New York

Died: June 19, 1984 - Queens, New York

Lee Krasner was an American abstract painter and a prominent first-generation Abstract Expressionist. A student of Hans Hofmann's, and a pioneer in the all-over technique of painting that later influenced color-field artists such as Frankenthaler, Louis, and her husband Jackson Pollock.


American Designer, Graphic Artist, and Photographer

Movements and Styles: Conceptual Art, Feminist Art, Postmodernism

Born: January 26, 1945 - Newark, New Jersey

Barbara Kruger is an American Conceptual artist. Much of Kruger's work merges found photographs taken from existing sources with pithy and aggressive text. Her captions engage the viewer in the work's greater struggle for power and control.

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Jewish Artists: 52 of 356 Total Artists

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