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Modern Artists in Expressionism

Below are biographies and analysis of the work of the artists central to the Expressionism movement. Read more about the movement on the Expressionism Overview page.

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Expressionism: 18 of 340 Total Artists

Swedish Painter

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Symbolism, Modernism and Modern Art, Abstract Art

Born: October 26, 1862 - Solna, Sweden

Died: October 21, 1944 - Sjursholm, Sweden

Hilma af Klint created abstract art before the first canvases by Kandinsky, becoming a pioneer in devotional, and yet scientific interpretations of nature.


British Painter

Movement: Expressionism

Born: October 28, 1909 - Dublin, Ireland

Died: April 28, 1992 - Madrid, Spain

Francis Bacon was an Irish-born, English painter and one of the 20th century's most celebrated and controversial existentialist artists. Bacon favored dark subject matter, often painting slightly abstracted, biomorphic figures, with bodies contorted or in the throes of madness. Painterly themes of Bacon's include the crucifixion, isolation and the mind's fragility. Bacon was also one of the few English artists of any prominence in modern and contemporary circles during the better part of the 20th century.Expressionism Portraiture Erotic Art Abstraction British


German Painter, Printmaker, and Draftsman

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, New Objectivity

Born: February 21, 1884 - Leipzig, Germany

Died: December 27, 1950 - New York, New York, USA

Max Beckmann was a German artist, writer, and philosopher commonly associated with the Expressionist movement of the early twentieth century. He abhorred the label 'Expressionism', but juxtaposed scenes from reality by layering figures, colors, and shadows.


French Painter, Collagist, Draftsman, Printmaker, and Sculptor

Movement: Cubism

Born: May 13, 1882 - Argenteuil, France

Died: August 31, 1963 - Paris, France

Georges Braque was a modern French painter who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed analytic Cubism and Cubist collage in the early twentieth century.


French-Russian Draftsman, Painter, and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Cubism

Born: July 7, 1887 - Vitebsk, Russian Empire (present day Belarus)

Died: March 28, 1985 - Saint-Paul, France

Marc Chagall was a Russian-born, Jewish-French artist that reached great popularity during the 20th century. Although his art is associated with several movements, Chagall is commonly grouped in with the German Expressionists. Much of his early work was credited with synthesizing visual elements of Cubism, Symbolism and Fauvism.


Flemish Painter, Engraver, Writer, and Musician

Movements and Styles: Realism, Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Expressionism

Born: April 13, 1860 - Ostend, Belgium

Died: November 19, 1949 - Ostend, Belgium

James Ensor's complex use of allegory and eccentric subject matter, such as carnivals, puppetry, and skeletons, made him one of the nineteenth century's most innovative and important visual artists.


German-American Painter, Printmaker, Cartoonist, Photographer

Movements and Styles: Bauhaus, Cubism, Der Blaue Reiter, Modern Photography

Born: July 17, 1871 - New York City, NY

Died: January 13, 1956 - New York City, NY

Lyonel Feininger was a German-American painter and caricaturist associated with the Die Brucke and Der Blaue Rider groups. He painted in an original style reminiscent of Cubism and Futurism, but he is most famous for helping Walter Gropius build the Bauhaus school where Feininger taught until the school was closed down by the Nazis.


Russian Painter

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Bauhaus, Der Blaue Reiter

Born: December 4, 1866 - Moscow, Russia

Died: December 13, 1944 - Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

A member of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter, and later a teacher at the Bauhaus, Kandinsky is best known for his pioneering breakthrough into expressive abstraction in 1913. His work prefigures that of the American Abstract Expressionists.


German Painter and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Die Brücke, Expressionism

Born: May 6, 1880 - Aschaffenburg, Bavaria

Died: June 15, 1938 - near Davos, Switzerland

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was one of the driving forces in the Die Brücke group that flourished in Dresden and Berlin before WWI, and one of the most talented and influential of the Expressionists.


Swiss Painter

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Bauhaus

Born: December 18, 1879 - Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland

Died: June 29, 1940 - Locarno, Switzerland

The Swiss-born painter Paul Klee worked in a variety of styles, including expressionism, geometric abstraction, and collage. His most famous works have a mystical quality and make use of linear and pictorial symbols.

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Austrian Painter, Printmaker, Draftsman, Sculptor, Poet, and Playwright

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Modern Sculpture

Born: March 1, 1886 - Pöchlarn, Austria

Died: February 22, 1980 - Montreux, Switzerland

Oskar Kokoschka was an Austrian Expressionist painter, poet and playwright. His work is intertwined with the stormy and dramatic life of affairs, fleeing the Nazis and eventually settling in Switzerland as a master of Expressionism.


German Painter and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Der Blaue Reiter

Born: February 8, 1880 - Munich, Germany

Died: March 4, 1916 - Braquis, France

Franz Marc was a German painter and printmaker, and one of the pioneers of German Expressionism. Along with August Macke and Kandinksy, Marc founded The Blue Rider artist group. A student of Futurism and Cubism, Marc was a master of color and depth, and a major influence on mid-twentieth-century abstractionists.


Norwegian Painter and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Symbolism

Born: December 12, 1863 - Loten, Norway

Died: January 23, 1944 - Oslo, Norway

Norweigan painter and printmaker Edvard Munch was a pioneer of the German Expressionist movement. His works such as The Scream explored deeply psychological concepts in a Symbolist style.


German-Danish Painter, Printmaker, Watercolorist

Movements and Styles: Die Brücke, Expressionism, Der Blaue Reiter

Born: August 7, 1867 - Nolde, Denmark

Died: April 13, 1956 - Seebüll, Neukirchen, Germany

Nolde was a Danish-German painter and printmaker who was affiliated with the groups Die Brucke, the Berlin Secession, and Der Blaue Reiter. His bright, evocative paintings of religious scenes, seascapes, and flowers earned him a unique place in the greater Expressionism movement.


Austrian Draftsman, Painter, and Printmaker

Movement: Expressionism

Born: June 12, 1890 - Tuln an de Donau, near Vienna, Austria

Died: October 31, 1918 - Vienna, Austria

Egon Schiele was an Austrian Art Nouveau painter. Schiele was initially taken under the wing of Gustav Klimt, but soon discovered a painterly style that was solidly expressionistic in form. While his style was reminiscent of Van Gogh, Klimt, Munch and others, Schiele shaped the female form in a uniquely non-representational manner, often twisting the body and face, making him an early proponent of European Expressionism.


Russian-French Painter

Movement: Expressionism

Born: January 13, 1893 - Smilavichy, Russian Empire

Died: August 9, 1943 - Paris, France

Chaim Soutine was a Jewish Expressionist painter whose textured, impasto style was influential for later gestural painters. He is especially known for his portraits, landscapes, and studies of flayed meat.


French Painter

Movements and Styles: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism

Born: Dec. 26, 1883 - Paris, France

Died: Nov. 5, 1955 - Dax, France

Maurice Utrillo was a French painter best-known for his cityscapes, particularly his scenes of the Montmartre district in Paris. Utrillo masterfully mixed classically accurate perspective with modern loose brushstrokes to create his deceptively simple scenes of the city executed in many of the styles of the modernists of his time.


Dutch-French Painter

Movements and Styles: Fauvism, Expressionism

Born: January 26, 1877 - Delfshaven, Netherlands

Died: May 28, 1968 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Dutch-French artist's works created a remarkable record of fashions and social attitudes in Paris over the first half of the twentieth century and added to the output and scope of the Fauvism movement.

Expressionism: 18 of 340 Total Artists

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