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Modern Artists in Earth Art

Below are biographies and analysis of the work of the artists central to the Earth Art movement. Read more about the movement on the Earth Art Overview page.

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Chinese Painter, Installation, and Performance Artist

Movements and Styles: Postmodernism, Installation Art, Conceptual Art, Land Art, Performance Art

Born: December 8, 1957 - Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Cai Guo-Qiang utilizes gunpowder and fireworks to offer a new form of performance and spectacle, in insight of the beauty in destruction.


Bulgarian-American Sculptor, Photographer, and Conceptual Artist

Movements and Styles: Nouveau Réalisme, Environmental Art

Born: June 13, 1935 - Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Christo is a Bulgarian land and environmental artist, best known as one half of the married artist team Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Together, Christo and Jeanne-Claude created temporary land art installations, so grand in scale and ambition that controversy often followed. The best known examples of their work include Wrapped Coast (1969) in Little Bay, Australian, Wrapped Reichstag (1995) in Berlin, and The Gates (2004) in New York City.


American Sculptor and Conceptual Artist

Movements and Styles: Earth Art, Post-Minimalism, Conceptual Art

Born: October 1, 1935 - Albany, CA

Died: July 25, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

Walter de Maria is an American sculptor, composer, and multi-media artist whose best known work is The Lightning Field (1977), consisting of 400 lightning rods situated on a field in New Mexico.


American Land and Enviromental Artist

Movements and Styles: Land Art, Environmental Art

Born: November 4, 1944 - Berkeley, California

Michael Heizer is an American artist who specializes in Land art installations and environments. Heizer's most celebrated pieces rely on the alteration but ultimate preservation of the natural landscape, such as Double Negative (1969), in which Heizer cut a 1500-foot long trench into a mesa in the Nevada desert.


American Sculptor, Conceptual Artist, Photographer, and Filmmaker

Movements and Styles: Earth Art, Conceptual Art, Installation Art, Public Sculpture

Born: April 5, 1938 - Worcester, Massachusetts

Died: February 8, 2014 - New York, New York

Nancy Holt is best known for working with Earth art, Installation art, and large-scale public sculpture. After her artist husband Robert Smithson died in 1973, Holt turned her focus on her own art and created the seminal Sun Tunnels.


American Architect and Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Minimalism, Earth Art

Born: October 5, 1959 - Athens, Ohio

Maya Lin is a Chinese-American sculptor, landscape artist and installation artist. Lin grew to fame for designing the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., a commission she won at the age of 21 and while still an undergraduate student. She went on to have a prominent career in public sculture and Land art.


British Sculptor and Land Artist

Movements and Styles: Land Art, Conceptual Art, Post-Minimalism

Born: June 2, 1945 - Bristol, England

Much of Richard Long's work is considered a response to the natural environments he enters, incorporating mixed-media and various non-art elements such as landscape, rock, maps, and text.


Cuban-American Performance Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Photographer and Video Artist

Movements and Styles: Feminist Art, Performance Art, Body Art, Land Art

Born: November 18, 1948 - Havana, Cuba

Died: September 8, 1985 - New York City

Ana Mendieta was a Cuban-American performance artist who created work in the late twentieth century focusing on violence against the female body, as well as pieces involving a close connection with nature and the landscape.


American Sculptor and Writer

Movements and Styles: Land Art, Post-Minimalism

Born: January 2, 1938 - Passaic, New Jersey

Died: July 20, 1973 - Amarillo, Texas

Robert Smithson was an American artist best known for his innovations in Land and Earth Art. Smithson's large-scale projects employed earth and other natural resources to construct works that both manipulated and preserved the natural landscape. His most famous work is Spiral Jetty in Utah, constructed entirely from basalt, earth and salt.


American Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Light and Space, Earth Art

Born: May 6, 1943 - Los Angeles

James Turrell is an American artist whose works are primarily concerned with light and space. He is best known for 'Roden Crater', a project he began in 1979. For the work, Turrell is transforming this natural cinder volcanic crater into a massive naked-eye observatory.

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Earth Art: 10 of 355 Total Artists

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