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Dutch Modern Artists

Below are biographies and analysis of the achievements of Dutch artists. We are adding more artists every week, so stay tuned as the most important artists in modern art are given proper coverage.

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Dutch: 8 of 353 Total Artists

Dutch Painter and Draughtsman

Movement: Northern Renaissance

Born: c. 1450 - ’s-Hertogenbosch, Brabant (now Netherlands)

Died: August 9, 1516 - ’s-Hertogenbosch, Brabant (now Netherlands)

Hieronymus Bosch was a Dutch painter during the Northern Renaissance that painted real and imaginary figures in vast landscapes that demonstrated allegories, narratives and morality lessons.


Dutch-American Draftsman, Painter, and Sculptor

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: April 24, 1904 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Died: March 19, 1997 - East Hampton, New York

Willem de Kooning, a Dutch immigrant to New York, was one of the foremost Abstract Expressionist painters. His abstract compositions drew on Surrealist and figurative traditions, and typified the expressionistic 'gestural' style of the New York School.


Flemish Painter, Engraver, Writer, and Musician

Movements and Styles: Realism, Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Expressionism

Born: April 13, 1860 - Ostend, Belgium

Died: November 19, 1949 - Ostend, Belgium

James Ensor's complex use of allegory and eccentric subject matter, such as carnivals, puppetry, and skeletons, made him one of the nineteenth century's most innovative and important visual artists.


Dutch Printmaker, Draftsman, and Illustrator

Movements and Styles: Op Art, Surrealism, Expressionism

Born: June 17, 1898 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Died: March 27, 1972 - Laren, North Holland, Netherlands

Escher created 'impossible constructions' and images which utilize mathematical shapes, architecture, and perspective to create a visual enigma.


Dutch Painter

Movements and Styles: De Stijl, Neo-Plasticism

Born: March 7, 1872 - Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Died: February 1, 1944 - New York, New York

Piet Mondrian, a founding member of the De Stijl movement, was a Dutch modern artist who used grids, perpendicular lines, and the three primary colors in what he deemed "Neoplastic" painting.


Dutch Painter, Designer, and Architect

Movements and Styles: De Stijl, Elementarism

Born: Born: August 30, 1883 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Died: Died: March 7, 1931 - Davos, Switzerland

Theo van Doesburg was a Dutch artist, who together with Piet Mondrian established the De Stijl movement. Van Doesburg's most famous work experimented with geometric abstraction and archetypal forms. He was also a prominent architect and writer.


Dutch-French Painter

Movements and Styles: Fauvism, Expressionism

Born: January 26, 1877 - Delfshaven, Netherlands

Died: May 28, 1968 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Dutch-French artist's works created a remarkable record of fashions and social attitudes in Paris over the first half of the twentieth century and added to the output and scope of the Fauvism movement.


Dutch Draftsman and Painter

Movements and Styles: Post-Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism

Born: March 30, 1853 - Groot-Zundert, The Netherlands

Died: July 29, 1890 - Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter, commonly associated with the Post-Impressionist period. As one of the most prolific and experimental artists of his time, van Gogh was a spontaneous painter and a master of color and perspective. Troubled by personal demons all his life, many historians speculate that van Gogh suffered from a bipolar disorder.

Dutch: 8 of 353 Total Artists