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Modern Artists in Cubism

Below are biographies and analysis of the work of the artists central to the Cubism movement. Read more about the movement on the Cubism Overview page.

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Cubism: 23 of 355 Total Artists

American Painter and Collagist

Movements and Styles: Cubism, Collage, Harlem Renaissance

Born: September 2, 1911 - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Died: March 12, 1988 - New York, New York, USA

Romare Bearden celebrated the black American experience, which he integrated into greater American modernism. He found his own voice by creating collages made up of cut and torn photographs found in popular magazines that he then reassembled into visually powerful statements.


French Painter, Collagist, Draftsman, Printmaker, and Sculptor

Movement: Cubism

Born: May 13, 1882 - Argenteuil, France

Died: August 31, 1963 - Paris, France

Georges Braque was a modern French painter who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed analytic Cubism and Cubist collage in the early twentieth century.


French-Russian Draftsman, Painter, and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Cubism

Born: July 7, 1887 - Vitebsk, Russian Empire (present day Belarus)

Died: March 28, 1985 - Saint-Paul, France

Marc Chagall was a Russian-born, Jewish-French artist that reached great popularity during the 20th century. Although his art is associated with several movements, Chagall is commonly grouped in with the German Expressionists. Much of his early work was credited with synthesizing visual elements of Cubism, Symbolism and Fauvism.


American Painter

Movements and Styles: Ashcan School, Early American Modernism, Cubism

Born: December 7, 1892 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: June 24, 1964 - New York, New York

Stuart Davis Cubist-inspired, but American themes, and his visual manifestation of jazz music were important in the development of movements from Abstract Expressionism to Pop art. He was one of the youngest artists represented at the 1913 Armory Show and taught many young artists in New York City.


French Painter, Graphic Designer, and Writer

Movements and Styles: Fauvism, Cubism

Born: April 4, 1876 - Paris, France

Died: October 11, 1958 - Rueil-la-Gadelière

Maurice de Vlaminck was a French painter was a prominent member of the Fauvist movement, along with Matisse and Derain. De Vlaminck's best known work is characterized by a bold usage of reds, oranges and yellows, with a preference for rolling landscapes and woodland scenes.


French Painter

Movements and Styles: Cubism, Orphism

Born: April 12, 1885 - Paris, France

Died: October 25, 1941 - Montpellier, France

Robert Delaunay was a French avant-garde painter. Early in his career he was associated with the Expressionist group The Blue Rider along with Kandinsky and Klee. Delaunay's singular style is referred to as Orphism; an approach that combines visual elements of Cubism, Expressionism and figurative abstraction.


French Painter, Writer, Set Designer, Illustrator, and Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Fauvism, Divisionism, Cubism

Born: June 17, 1880 - Chatou, France

Died: September 8, 1954 - Garches, France

André Derain, the co-founder of Fauvism, was a French artist whose paintings exhibit the writhing energetic lines and bright colors characteristic of the movement. He strove to keep art modern and current throughout his career.


German-American Painter, Printmaker, Cartoonist, Photographer

Movements and Styles: Bauhaus, Cubism, Der Blaue Reiter, Modern Photography

Born: July 17, 1871 - New York City, NY

Died: January 13, 1956 - New York City, NY

Lyonel Feininger was a German-American painter and caricaturist associated with the Die Brucke and Der Blaue Rider groups. He painted in an original style reminiscent of Cubism and Futurism, but he is most famous for helping Walter Gropius build the Bauhaus school where Feininger taught until the school was closed down by the Nazis.


Spanish Draftsman

Movements and Styles: Cubism, Surrealism, Modern Sculpture

Born: September 21, 1876 - Barcelona, Spain

Died: March 27, 1942 - Arcueil, Paris, France

Julio Gonzalez was a Catalan-Spanish sculptor best known for bronze and iron welding, creating many famous semi-abstract works that often highlighted the horros of war.


Ukranian-American Painter

Movements and Styles: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism

Born: Disputed (August 7, 1881 or 1886-1888) - Kiev, Ukraine

Died: 1961 - London, UK

John Graham was a Ukrainian-born American painter and a key figure in the development of Abstract Expressionism. Never adopting a singular style in his own art, Graham tutored many young abstract artists on the tenets of Cubism and Surrealism, of which he was an expert. Willem de Kooning credited Graham as the person who discovered Jackson Pollock.

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Spanish Painter, Illustrator, and Sculptor

Movement: Cubism

Born: March 23 1887 - Madrid, Spain

Died: May 11 1927 - Boulogne-sur-Seine, France

Juan Gris was a Spanish painter and sculptor, and one of the few pioneers of Cubism. Along with Matisse, Léger, Braque and Picasso, Gris was among the elite visual artists working in early-twentieth-century France.


German-American Painter and Theoretician

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: March 21, 1880 - Weissenberg, Bavaria

Died: February 17, 1966 - New York City, NY

German-born American painter, art teacher and theorist. Hofmann matured as an artist in 1904-14 in Paris, where he met many of the greatest artists of that time. After he emigrated to America in the early 1930s he enjoyed a prominent career as a teacher, powerfully influencing many Abstract Expressionists with his understanding of European modernism.


Swiss Painter

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Bauhaus

Born: December 18, 1879 - Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland

Died: June 29, 1940 - Locarno, Switzerland

The Swiss-born painter Paul Klee worked in a variety of styles, including expressionism, geometric abstraction, and collage. His most famous works have a mystical quality and make use of linear and pictorial symbols.


Swiss-French Modern Architect, Urban Planner, Designer, Sculptor, Painter, and Writer

Movements and Styles: Modern Architecture, The International Style, Purism, Brutalism

Born: October 6, 1887 - La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Died: August 27, 1965 - Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France

Le Corbusier was a twentieth-century Swiss-French architect, urban planner, designer, writer and painter. Le Corbusier was a pioneer in modern architecture and his priciples were integral to the hugely popular International Style of architecture.


French Painter

Movement: Cubism

Born: February 4, 1881 - Argentan, France

Died: August 17, 1955 - Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Influenced by Cubism and Futurism, the French painter Fernand Léger developed a style of conical and geometric forms with mechanically smooth edges. Often colorful and punctuated by circles and patterns, his paintings range from still lifes and figures to completely abstract compositions.


Russian, French, American Painter

Movements and Styles: Art Deco, Proto-Feminist Artists

Born: May 16, 1898 - Warsaw, Poland

Died: March 18, 1980 - Cuernavaca, Mexico

Tamara de Lempicka specilized in a works that stylized Cubist ideas in modern, fashionable portraits in The Art Deco style. Despite their decorative quality, De Lempicka's paintings are now regarded as the quintessential images of the bygone age.


Cubist sculptor

Movement: Cubism

Born: August 22, 1891 - Druskininkai, Lithuania

Died: May 16, 1973 - Capri, Italy

The Lithuanian-born Jacques Lipchitz moved to Paris in 1909, becoming a well-known Cubist sculptor and important member of the Ecole de Paris. Amid the German occupation of Paris during World War II, Lipchitz fled France for the United States in 1941 where he made large, often heroic sculptures.


German Painter and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Der Blaue Reiter

Born: February 8, 1880 - Munich, Germany

Died: March 4, 1916 - Braquis, France

Franz Marc was a German painter and printmaker, and one of the pioneers of German Expressionism. Along with August Macke and Kandinksy, Marc founded The Blue Rider artist group. A student of Futurism and Cubism, Marc was a master of color and depth, and a major influence on mid-twentieth-century abstractionists.


American painter

Movements and Styles: Fauvism, Early American Modernism

Born: April 21, 1868 - New York

Died: August 4, 1932 - New York

Alfred Henry Maurer was an important American modernist in the early twentieth century. Originally a Realist, Maurer shifted to European Cubist and Fauvist painting, and his work was included in the 1913 Armory Show in New York. Maurer was also one of the leading avant-garde American artists in the days before World War I.


Spanish Painter and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Surrealism, Dada

Born: April 20, 1893 - Barcelona, Spain

Died: December 25, 1983 - Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Active in Paris from the 1920s onward, and influenced by Surrealism, Miró developed a style of biomorphic abstraction which blended abstract figurative motifs, large fields of color, and primitivist symbols. This style would be an important inspiration for many Abstract Expressionists.

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Cubism: 23 of 355 Total Artists

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