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Austrian Modern Artists

Below are biographies and analysis of the achievements of Austrian artists. We are adding more artists every week, so stay tuned as the most important artists in modern art are given proper coverage.

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Austrian Painter

Movements and Styles: Symbolism, Art Nouveau, The Vienna Secession, The Wiener Werkstätte

Born: July 14, 1862 - Baumgarten, Austro-Hungarian Empire

Died: February 6, 1918 - Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire

Austrian painter Gustav Klimt was the most renowned advocator of Art Nouveau in Vienna, and is remembered as one of the greatest decorative painters of the twentieth century. He also produced one of the century's most significant bodies of erotic art.


Austrian Painter, Printmaker, Draftsman, Sculptor, Poet, and Playwright

Movements and Styles: Expressionism, Modern Sculpture

Born: March 1, 1886 - Pöchlarn, Austria

Died: February 22, 1980 - Montreux, Switzerland

Oskar Kokoschka was an Austrian Expressionist painter, poet and playwright. His work is intertwined with the stormy and dramatic life of affairs, fleeing the Nazis and eventually settling in Switzerland as a master of Expressionism.


Austrian-American Photographer and Instructor

Movements and Styles: Street Photography, Straight Photography, Documentary Photography, Photojournalism

Born: November 10, 1901 - Vienna, Austria

Died: March 30, 1983 - New York City, USA

Model's work was remarkable for the emotions that she was able to capture; close-cropped raw, candid photos of vanity, insecurity, and loneliness - made her an iconic photographer of New York City.


Austrian Draftsman, Painter, and Printmaker

Movement: Expressionism

Born: June 12, 1890 - Tuln an de Donau, near Vienna, Austria

Died: October 31, 1918 - Vienna, Austria

Egon Schiele was an Austrian Art Nouveau painter. Schiele was initially taken under the wing of Gustav Klimt, but soon discovered a painterly style that was solidly expressionistic in form. While his style was reminiscent of Van Gogh, Klimt, Munch and others, Schiele shaped the female form in a uniquely non-representational manner, often twisting the body and face, making him an early proponent of European Expressionism.

Austrian: 4 of 353 Total Artists