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Modern Artists in Abstraction

Below are biographies and analysis of the work of important modern artists that practiced and specialized in abstraction. We are adding more artists every week, so stay tuned as the most important artists in modern art are given proper coverage.

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German-American Textile Artist and Printmaker

Movements and Styles: Bauhaus, Proto-Feminist Artists

Born: June 12, 1899 - Berlin, Germany

Died: May 9, 1994 - Orange, CT, USA

German-American designer and textile artist Anni Albers was the wife of Josef Albers and an influential artist in her own right. Her work brought together good design and modern materials with the Bauhaus design ethos, where she studied and taught before moving to the United States.


American Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Teacher, and Theoretician

Movements and Styles: Bauhaus, Geometric Abstraction

Born: March 19 1888 - Bottrop, Germany

Died: March 25 1976 - New Haven, CT, USA

Josef Albers was a German-born American painter and teacher. Celebrated as a geometric abstractionist and influential instructor at Black Mountain College, Albers directly influenced such artists as Rauschenberg, Twombly and Ray Johnson.


American Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Minimalism, Conceptual Art

Born: September 16, 1935 - Quincy, Massachusetts

Carl Andre is an American Minimalist whose prominence rose in the late 1960s with a series of large public artworks and sculpture. His linear sculpture was included in the famed 1966 Primary Structures group exhibition at the Jewish Museum.


French-German-American Sculptor, Painter, and Collagist

Movements and Styles: Dada, Surrealism

Born: September 16, 1886 - Strasbourg, Alsace

Died: June 7, 1966 - Basel, Switzerland

Hans Arp (also known as Jean Arp) incorporated chance, randomness, and organic forms into his sculptures, paintings, and collages. He was involved with Zurich Dada, Surrealism, and the Abstraction-Creation movement.


irish Painter

Movement: Expressionism

Born: October 28, 1909 - Dublin, Ireland

Died: April 28, 1992 - Madrid, Spain

Francis Bacon was an Irish-born, English painter and one of the 20th century's most celebrated and controversial existentialist artists. Bacon favored dark subject matter, often painting slightly abstracted, biomorphic figures, with bodies contorted or in the throes of madness. Painterly themes of Bacon's include the crucifixion, isolation and the mind's fragility. Bacon was also one of the few English artists of any prominence in modern and contemporary circles during the better part of the 20th century.Expressionism Portraiture Erotic Art Abstraction British


American Painter

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: June 11, 1912 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Died: June 6, 1963 - New York, New York, USA

William Baziotes was a first generation Abstract Expressionist painter who worked in a Surrealist, lyrical style.


English Painter

Movements and Styles: The Bloomsbury Group Artists, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism

Born: May 30, 1879 - London, United Kingdom

Died: April 7, 1961 - Firle, United Kington

One of the most renowned artists of the Bloomsbury Group, Vanessa Bell was an innovative painter and interior designer. Rejecting the Victorian style of narrative painting and notions of ideal femininity, Bell used her personal life in her paintings to explore modern life.


American Sculptor, Painter, Conceptual and Performance Artist

Movements and Styles: Conceptual Art, Performance Art, Feminist Art

Born: October 25, 1941 - Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lynda Benglis is an American artist associated with process-based and anti-form art. Best known for her floor-based "spills" and latex sculptures, she adds a critical feminist perspective to post-minimalist work.


French-Romanian Photographer and Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Dada, Cubism

Born: February 19, 1876 - Hobitza, Romania

Died: March 16, 1957 - Paris, France

Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian artist working in Paris, was one of the founders of modern sculpture. His abstracted animals, portrait busts, and totem-like figures revolutionized the traditional relationship between the sculpture and its base.


French Painter, Collagist, Draftsman, Printmaker, and Sculptor

Movement: Cubism

Born: May 13, 1882 - Argenteuil, France

Died: August 31, 1963 - Paris, France

Georges Braque was a modern French painter who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed analytic Cubism and Cubist collage in the early twentieth century.

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American Sculptor

Movements and Styles: Surrealism, Kinetic Art

Born: July 22, 1898 - Lawnton, Pennsylvania

Died: November 11, 1976 - New York, New York, USA

Alexander Calder was an American artist who made important contributions to abstract sculpture, hanging mobiles, and kinetic art. His work reflects both modern and Surrealist influences.


American Filmmaker, Sculptor, Painter, and Printmaker

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: April 16, 1927 - Rochester, Indiana

Died: December 21, 2011 - New York, New York, USA

John Chamberlain is best known for his sculptures made of crushed and twisted automobile parts, works that bring the formal qualities of Abstract Expressionist painting into three dimensions.


American Painter

Movements and Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting

Born: May 6, 1926 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Ed Clark, a New Orleans-born painter, was an Abstract Expressionist artist who pioneered the use of shaped canvases in New York.


Brazilian Painter, Sculptor, Installation and Participatory Artist

Movement: Neoconcretism

Born: October 23, 1920 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Died: April 25, 1988 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lygia Clark developed participatory art, explored organic and corporeal sculptural forms, and innovated therapeutic art practice.


American Painter

Movements and Styles: Ashcan School, Early American Modernism, Cubism

Born: December 7, 1892 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: June 24, 1964 - New York, New York

Stuart Davis Cubist-inspired, but American themes, and his visual manifestation of jazz music were important in the development of movements from Abstract Expressionism to Pop art. He was one of the youngest artists represented at the 1913 Armory Show and taught many young artists in New York City.


American Art Critic and Painter

Movements and Styles: Abstract Expressionism, Proto-Feminist Artists

Born: March 12, 1918 - Brooklyn, New York

Died: February 1, 1989 - Southampton, New York

Elaine de Kooning was an important Abstract Expressionist painter and collagist whose work combines gestural energy with formalist investigations. She was married to the famous New York painter Willem de Kooning.


Dutch-American Draftsman, Painter, and Sculptor

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: April 24, 1904 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Died: March 19, 1997 - East Hampton, New York

Willem de Kooning, a Dutch immigrant to New York, was one of the foremost Abstract Expressionist painters. His abstract compositions drew on Surrealist and figurative traditions, and typified the expressionistic 'gestural' style of the New York School.


American Painter

Movement: Abstract Expressionism

Born: May 3, 1922 - Syracuse, New York

Died: May 3, 1993 - New York, New York, USA

Painter, sculptor and poet Robert De Niro, Sr. was a substantial contributor to post-war American art for his dedication to painterly representation. Vivid, innovative, and representational work distinguished De Niro as a distinct figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement.


French-American Painter, Sculptor, Performance, Conceptual, and Installation Artist

Movements and Styles: Nouveau Réalisme, Feminist Art, Performance Art, Conceptual Art, Modern Sculpture

Born: October 29, 1930 - Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Died: May 21, 2002 - La Jolla, California, USA

Niki de Saint Phalle explored the various roles and representations of women in society. Her innovative use of found objects, unconventional materials, natural environments, graphic aesthetics, and assemblage in her art made her a prominent figure of 1960s Nouveau Realisme.


French Painter

Movements and Styles: Cubism, Orphism

Born: April 12, 1885 - Paris, France

Died: October 25, 1941 - Montpellier, France

Robert Delaunay was a French avant-garde painter. Early in his career he was associated with the Expressionist group The Blue Rider along with Kandinsky and Klee. Delaunay's singular style is referred to as Orphism; an approach that combines visual elements of Cubism, Expressionism and figurative abstraction.

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Abstract Artists: 104 of 355 Total Artists

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