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"The site is absolutely great for understanding the essence of artists, movements and specific works instead of focusing on minor details. It manages to pass on actual knowledge rather than encouragine the memorization of obtuse content by heart and then forgetting it all. Extensive references and impactful wording. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into this website, I really appreciate it."
- MFA Student, May 2016

"I just found the website and it is amazing! I love all the contents you made and even the UI is excellent Your work deserves a lot more. I hope that all creators aware of their wonderful help to all us readers."
- Retired Gallery Director, June 2016



Morgan Falconer - Senior Writer and Editor
Morgan Falconer is a freelance critic, journalist and lecturer. Since completing a PhD on American modernist culture, he has written about contemporary art for publications throughout the world. His writing appears regularly in the Times (London), Frieze, Art in America, and the Burlington Magazine. He is currently writing a guide to art in New York, to be published by Rizzoli (New York) and Thames & Hudson (London) in 2011. Morgan is also writing a book on the history of painting since 1945, for Phaidon. Falconer joined The Art Story because it echoes his interest in making modern and contemporary art accessible to a wide audience.
Alan Goldstein - Member of the Board of Directors
Alan Goldstein is President of The Computer Studio, a software, marketing and web development firm in Yonkers, NY, which he founded in 1986. He has a Masters degree in Engineering from the City University of New York and an MBA from New York University, and an avid interest in art and design. With his extensive professional background in marketing communications and in developing intuitive, user-friendly user interfaces, Mr. Goldstein has helped guide the design and functionality of The Art Story products as well as the overall direction of the Foundation.
Michael Zurakhinsky - Founder and President
Michael Zurakhinsky is a graduate of Manhattan College, with an MBA from New York University. His background includes extensive experience in web technology, business and finance and a passion for art and literature. Michael has traveled extensively, and brings to The Art Story a deep appreciation and broad understanding of modern art. He was motivated to start the Art Story Foundation as a result of his personal frustration with the existing resources covering modern and contemporary art.



Justin Wolf
Justin Wolf has a BA from the University of Missouri and a Masters in Liberal Studies from The New School for Social Research. His background includes extensive work in urban education, modern art, criticism, creative non-fiction and editing. Since joining The Art Story in February 09, Wolf has been integral in building the site's sections on modern art theory, galleries, and other entities that he feels are often overlooked in the canon of Abstract Expressionism. But above all, he's proud to be a part of something that celebrates the myriad complexities of modern art through such a comprehensive lens.
Jen Farren
Jen is an art historian with a M.A. and 15 years of experience working as an investigator, sourcing textual and visual material from archives, museums, private collections, historic newspapers and out-of-print books. She conducts freelance research for educational and heritage projects, film and theatre. Jen loves to find fascinating visuals to illustrate concepts, and uncover insights that make new connections between artists and ideas. She writes about art and culture and her interests span the 20-21st century.
Jessica DiPalma
Jessica DiPalma is a writer and art consultant based in Buffalo, New York. She has lectured and written extensively about modern and contemporary art. With a decade of experience working in the art museum field, including museum education, she brings to The Art Story a passion for making art accessible and engaging for people of all ages. She holds a Master's degree in Art History and a Juris Doctor from the University at Buffalo.
Linnea West
Linnea West received her M.A. in Art History from The University of Georgia in May 2015, where she focused on modern and contemporary art. She is a freelance writer and editor with a background in book publishing as well as a curator and art blogger. Particular areas of interest include socially engaged art and the art of Central and Eastern Europe. In 2012-13, she researched contemporary Hungarian art and national identity at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest on a Fulbright grant. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.
Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen is a writer, artist, and art advisor located in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BA in English from Wesleyan University, and an MA in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. Her master's thesis served as the basis for her first book, focused on placing art brut within a larger art historical context, and she is currently working on her second book, exploring cultural products from India in the 1960s-1980s. Cohen is the founder of NAPlabs, an art advisory service dedicated to researching and promoting work from non-traditional contexts of creation. Previously, she managed a studio and gallery for artists with developmental disabilities.
Rachel Gershman
Rachel Gershman is a writer, editor and art collections management consultant based in New York City. She holds an M.A. degree in Museum Studies from Columbia University, where she also earned her B.A. degree. Her work with The Art Story expands on her M.A. thesis, which explored methods for making art more accessible to wider audiences. Rachel also brings to The Art Story her long-standing interest in contemporary art and her years spent working in arts publicity.
Elizabeth Fazzare
Elizabeth Fazzare is an arts journalist, currently earning her B.A. in Art History, Journalism, and Urban Design and Architecture Studies at New York University. Her interest in the artistic world was borne out of a family trip to the Charles and Ray Eames-designed case study house. Since then a self-proclaimed case of wanderlust took her to Europe, where she furthered her studies on contemporary art and social structure. She brings to The Art Story a love for avant-garde modernism, a background in art criticism, and a penchant for witty headlines. She has also written about architecture, art, and culture for The Architect's Newspaper, Architizer, and Art in America.
Diana L. Linden
Diana L. Linden received her PhD in Art History from CUNY-The Graduate Center and her MA in Art History from Williams College where she was selected as the best graduate student. She has both published and lectured widely on American art, African American art, Public Art, and Museum Studies. She has taught at Pomona College, Pitzer College, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and the University of Southern California. Her book The New Deal Murals of Ben Shahn: Jewish Identity in the American Scene will be published Oct. 2015. Diana has been awarded prestigious fellowships from the Getty Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, among others. Diana currently resides in Claremont, CA.
Ivan Savvine
Ivan Savvine has recently earned his Master's degree in Art History from Syracuse University. Born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Savvine studied Linguistics and British-American Literature before pursuing his graduate studies in the history of art. An inveterate enthusiast of Russian Modernism, he brings to The Art Story a thorough understanding of the groundbreaking avant-garde artists often overlooked in the critical understanding of modern art. Based in New York City, Mr. Savvine pursues various freelance writing projects focusing on the theory of architecture and the Russian and German art of the 1920's.
Katlyn Beaver
Kate Beaver holds a MA in Art History from the University of Oregon and a BA in History from Boston College. Her research areas span 20-21st century visual art and digital culture, specializing in modernism in Latin America and contemporary curatorial studies. Kate currently researches the use of digital scholarship to enhance learning and instruction of art historical topics, and brings to the Art Story a professional background as an instructor of art history in both museum and university settings. She is currently based in San Diego, CA.
Jackie Meade
Jackie Meade holds a Master's degree in Art History from Montana State University and a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Montana. Her area of interest and research includes European and American painting and photography from the 19th through 21st centuries. Jackie taught Art History survey courses covering prehistory to contemporary art as a graduate student. During this time, Jackie also worked at various modern and contemporary art museums and local art galleries. Her Art Story pages explore modern photography and her passion to make all artistic mediums relevant to the greater dialogue of society, culture, and history.
Kimberly Henderson
Kimberly Henderson is a freelance writer and mixed media artist based in Harlem, NY. She received her B.A in Studio Art -- minoring in Art History, Women and Gender Studies and Psychology -- in 2013 from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is currently a freelance writer and the Office Coordinator for This American Life, PBC and Serial Podcast. Prior to moving to New York, she was the Program Associate at McColl Center for Art + Innovation, one of the leading artist residency centers in the country. Her art endeavors center around modern and contemporary art.
Jen Glennon
Jen Glennon is a writer, editor, and researcher based in New York City. She holds a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley. Her work with The Art Story builds upon her research, which focuses on transatlantic dialogues in visual art and literature in the early twentieth century. Having taught at the University of Oxford and the University of London, she is committed to making art and literature approachable and inspiring for a wide audience.
Alicia López
Alicia López received a B.A in English and in Art and the History of Art from Amherst College. As an undergraduate she was the recipient of an award given to a graduating student for their excellence in writing and of a prize that recognizes a graduating student’s artistic promise. Alicia was born in Cambridge, grew up in Costa Rica, and is currently sculpting and working as a freelance writer. Her artwork deals with the accumulation of found materials, and she’s interested in the pliancy and tactile quality of the objects she works with. Alicia brings to The Art Story a passion for contemporary art and a strong desire to spread this appreciation by making modern art more accessible to all.
Catarina Flaksman
Catarina Flaksman holds a MS in History of Art and Design from Pratt Institute. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she graduated in Architecture and Urban Design and worked as an architect before moving to Brooklyn, New York. Her curatorial experience includes exhibitions on modern and contemporary architecture and design as well as public art projects in major museums and arts organizations. She also works as a freelance writer, researcher, and editor. Catarina is interested in interdisciplinary practices that cross the boundaries between architecture and art.
Katelyn Davis
Katelyn Davis is a freelance writer and art professional with over ten years of experience working for a contemporary art auction house, blue chip gallery, and art museum. She holds a M.A. in Art History, focusing on 20th and 21st century art, and was awarded an academic scholarship for her writing during her graduate studies. More recently, she was the Studio Manager for the artist, Caio Fonseca and Estate Manager of his father's work. She is based in New York City, where she pursues her passion of working with artists and writing about the modern and contemporary art that inspires her.

Audience Development

Marina Imberg
Marina Imberg specializes in non-profit community work with children, families, and young adults. Marina was born and raised in Ukraine, studied Business Management in Brooklyn College and got her Masters Degree in Education from Fordham University. She joined the Art Story in 2012, bringing her knowledge and experience with non-profit organizations to fulfill her desire to inspire more individuals to appreciate the arts.

Graphic Designers

Thomas Reczek
Thomas Reczek is a freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer with over 25 years of print and web design experience. He has a BFA in Design Graphics from the New York Institute of Technology and has been the creator of many interactive and functional websites and technology platforms. Mr. Reczek leads graphic design at The Art Story, and has been an integral part of the team that started the foundation.
Sarah Levy
Sarah Levy is a freelance Graphic and Web Designer from New York City. She holds a professional certificate in Design Communication Arts from UCLA and also has a B.A in Social and Cultural History from The University of Maryland, College Park. Sarah is an all-around creative with an interest in all things artistic, especially the historical contexts from which art and design arise. Sarah grew up immersed in, and in awe of, the modern art that she found all around her in New York and loves the idea of bringing art to everyone through The Art Story.


Alexander Grevtsev
Alexander Grevtsev is a programmer with eight-year experience of developing, maintaining and supporting business applications for desktop, web and mobile systems. He has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Voronezh State University, Russia. Alexander is fond of Impressionist artists and has been helping The Art Story from the beginnings of the initiative in 2009.

Expert supporters and specialized contributors

Ruth Epstein
Ruth Epstein is an art historian, journalist, and critic. Fellowships and teaching positions have enabled her to travel to major art destinations around the world. Whether in writing or in person, she enjoys the thrill of communicating themes in Modern and Contemporary art in plain language. Based in New York, Epstein writes for ARTnews and an array of other publications including, most recently, Visualizing the Nineteenth-Century Home: Modern Art and the Decorative Impulse (Routledge) to which she contributed a chapter.
Ellen Hurst
Ellen Hurst has a PhD in art history from the CUNY Graduate Center. Her graduate research focused on global interaction in the early modern period, specifically between the areas that now constitute Eastern Europe and Italy. She continues to explore these issues, as well as global exchange in contemporary art. Based in Seattle, she works full-time as a writer and editor. For more information about her work, and for examples of her writing, visit
Sandy McCain
Sandy McCain has a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Georgia, where her research focused on American Art, particularly art of the American South. She continues to write and publish on southern artists, although her interest extends into European and Modern art, as well as African American art. In addition to working as a freelance researcher and writer, Sandy also enjoys teaching in a classroom setting. She is currently based in Baltimore, MD.
Caroline Goldberg Igra
Caroline Goldberg Igra is an art historian and freelance writer. She received her B.A. with Honors from Brown University, her M.A. in Art History from the University of Michigan and her Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She has published numerous articles on the modern cityscape and has taught art history at Haifa University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She co-authored a book on J.D. Kirszenbaum with Somogy éditions d'Art (Paris 2013) and curated an exhibition on the artist at the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv. She blogs for the Jerusalem Post and is excited to join The Art Story team, making art history more accessible to people, like herself, who live abroad.
Kimberly Nichols
Kimberly Nichols is a freelance writer and artist living in Los Angeles. She is author of a book of short stories Mad Anatomy (Del Sol press). Her fiction and creative nonfiction has been published widely in magazines and newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Wine Enthusiast, and VICE Magazine. She has been an art critic for over fifteen years for magazines such as Art Ltd., Art and Living, Artdependence, Droste and Artillery. Her conceptual artwork, photography and paintings have been shown in exhibitions throughout California with an emphasis on San Francisco, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Before starting her freelance career she worked as marketing director for the Palm Springs Art Museum, director of a prestigious multimillion dollar art gallery and as owner of a public relations firm centered on the art market. She brings a passion for modern and contemporary art and artists to The Art Story.
Sarah Archino
Sarah Archino is an assistant professor at Furman University in Greenville, SC. A specialist in early-twentieth century American art, her research explores the influence of anarchism on the development of abstraction. She also writes about Dada, Duchamp, and humor. She completed her B.A. at the University of Florida in European Art and History, her M.A. in Art History at Hunter College and received her PhD from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She has previously taught at Queens College, Franklin & Marshall, and Millsaps College and taught graduate seminars at the Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris, where she served as the Terra Foundation for American Art postdoctoral fellow.
Rachel Furnari
Rachel Furnari is an art historian, freelance writer, and curator who believes deeply in education and the demystification of modern art for a broad audience. She completed her MA and PhD coursework in art history at the University of Chicago and has more than ten years of experience writing about art for museums, galleries, and newspapers. Rachel also owns Graph Books, where she deals in rare printed matter related to avant-garde art and radical social movements.

Alistair Rider
Alistair Rider is a Lecturer in Art History at the University of St Andrews. He received his PhD from the University of Leeds, and was a research fellow at the University of York for two years before moving to Scotland. He teaches classes on modern sculpture, critical theory, New York modernism and experimental art of the 1960s. In 2006 he helped edit an anthology of art criticism on Carl Andre (About Carl Andre: Critical Writings since 1965). He has also written a monograph on Andre, which is due to be published by Phaidon Press in 2011. Currently, he is working on two separate research projects. The first is a study of artists from the 1960s and 1970s who have devoted entire careers to a single, ongoing project, and the second is an examination of contemporary art practices that explore environmental and ecological themes without invoking traditional concepts of 'nature'.

Dr. Rider's recent book, About Carl Andre: Critical Texts Since 1965, is available currently at

Alistair Rider has contributed the Carl Andre artist page to The Art Story Foundation.

Stephen Knudsen
Stephen Knudsen has taught University painting, color and design theory, and critical art theory, for 19 years. Knudsen is has an M.F.A. in painting along with a biology degree and has also taught Chemistry and Biology. He has published ground-breaking color theory and has developed the Knudsen Dual Color Wheel used in universities across the country. He has also revised Monroe Beardsley's aesthetics in an essay that is used widely across the campus at the Savannah College Of Art And Design, where he is currently professor of painting. He is a contrubutor to Art Calendar Magazine, ArtPulse Magazine, The SECAC Review Journal, Professional Artist Magazine, Chicago Arts Magazine,, and he exhibits his work internationally.

Recent work and published essays can be seen at

Stevek Knudsen contributed the Gustave Courbet artist page to the Art Story Foundation.

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