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About Us

About The Art Story Foundation

We are here to demystify Modern Art. Modern Art is about ideas, and we want to expose those ideas to the world.

The organization and team

The Art Story Foundation is an educational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2009. The organization is led by 4 senior personnel that are responsible for the everyday management and long-term planning. A staff of approximately 12 freelancers include content writers and researchers, art professors, graphic artists, and programmers that continue to create and publish content on a regular basis.

Founding principles

"The Art Story Foundation is the result of my interest in trying to understand the art that was all around me. After developing a serious interest in learning about modern art, I found the available sources of information too limited. Many excellent art books are too narrow in their scope, and are hard to reconcile with each other. Online, it was nearly impossible to find quality information that is organized in a consistent manner."
"I believe the Internet is the medium that can address all these problems, and bring art education into the 21st century. This website, and the Foundation as a whole, strive to achieve this goal."
- Michael Zurakhinsky
- Founder

Our approach

Modern art is a period of art making that has been analyzed in hundreds of different ways by numerous talented individuals. Another page that overviews the work of Picasso is not a very valuable contribution to the field of art education. After 6 years of daily work on writing, analyzing, and publishing analysis pages on artists, movements and ideas, The Art Story has a fairly good grasp of our organizational purpose and reason for being.

What is Modern Art

We define modern art as the history of artistic achievements in the age of modernism, approximately between the years of 1850 and 1980.

In particular:
history: just as there is the history of the world, we discuss the particular settings surrounding developments in the arts
artistic achievements: similar to physics, where one scientist makes a breakthrough upon which future scientists build upon, we approach art as the progression of artistic discoveries.

Our method

Every one of our topic pages is meant to be an analysis that would convince the most passionate skeptic in the importance of the particular artist, movement, and idea they are reading. This is the mission that we strive for in the daily publication process and with every logical argument, artist quote, or supporting resource.

In addition, as we aim to bring the arts to a broad audience, we make sure that every page is complete in itself. Each idea is developed clearly, succinctly, and without reliance on fancy art terms or "advanced" concepts.

Now that you have insight into the purpose of The Art Story, please visit the hundreds of pages we have published on our website and please comment where we are successful, and more importantly, where we need to work further. If you agree with our approach and want to see us succeed, please recommend us to your friends, and if you are in the position to do so, please make a donation.

Management team

Morgan Falconer - Senior Writer and Editor
Morgan Falconer is a freelance critic, journalist and lecturer. Since completing a PhD on American modernist culture, he has written about contemporary art for publications throughout the world. His writing appears regularly in the Times (London), Frieze, Art in America, and the Burlington Magazine. He is currently writing a guide to art in New York, to be published by Rizzoli (New York) and Thames & Hudson (London) in 2011. Morgan is also writing a book on the history of painting since 1945, for Phaidon. Falconer joined The Art Story because it echoes his interest in making modern and contemporary art accessible to a wide audience.
Alan Goldstein - Member of the Board of Directors
Alan Goldstein is President of The Computer Studio, a software, marketing and web development firm in Yonkers, NY, which he founded in 1986. He has a Masters degree in Engineering from the City University of New York and an MBA from New York University, and an avid interest in art and design. With his extensive professional background in marketing communications and in developing intuitive, user-friendly user interfaces, Mr. Goldstein has helped guide the design and functionality of The Art Story products as well as the overall direction of the Foundation.
Michael Zurakhinsky - Founder and President
Michael Zurakhinsky is a graduate of Manhattan College, with an MBA from New York University. His background includes extensive experience in web technology, business and finance and a passion for art and literature. Michael has traveled extensively, and brings to The Art Story a deep appreciation and broad understanding of modern art. He was motivated to start the Art Story Foundation as a result of his personal frustration with the existing resources covering modern and contemporary art.



Justin Wolf
Justin Wolf has a BA from the University of Missouri and a Masters in Liberal Studies from The New School for Social Research. His background includes extensive work in urban education, modern art, criticism, creative non-fiction and editing. Since joining The Art Story in February 09, Wolf has been integral in building the site's sections on modern art theory, galleries, and other entities that he feels are often overlooked in the canon of Abstract Expressionism. But above all, he's proud to be a part of something that celebrates the myriad complexities of modern art through such a comprehensive lens.
Rachel Gershman
Rachel Gershman is a writer, editor and art collections management consultant based in New York City. She holds an M.A. degree in Museum Studies from Columbia University, where she also earned her B.A. degree. Her work with The Art Story expands on her M.A. thesis, which explored methods for making art more accessible to wider audiences. Rachel also brings to The Art Story her long-standing interest in contemporary art and her years spent working in arts publicity.
Elizabeth Fazzare
Elizabeth Fazzare is an arts journalist, currently earning her B.A. in Art History, Journalism, and Urban Design and Architecture Studies at New York University. Her interest in the artistic world was borne out of a family trip to the Charles and Ray Eames-designed case study house. Since then a self-proclaimed case of wanderlust took her to Europe, where she furthered her studies on contemporary art and social structure. She brings to The Art Story a love for avant-garde modernism, a background in art criticism, and a penchant for witty headlines. She has also written about architecture, art, and culture for The Architect's Newspaper, Architizer, and Art in America.
Diana L. Linden
Diana L. Linden received her PhD in Art History from CUNY-The Graduate Center and her MA in Art History from Williams College where she was selected as the best graduate student. She has both published and lectured widely on American art, African American art, Public Art, and Museum Studies. She has taught at Pomona College, Pitzer College, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and the University of Southern California. Her book The New Deal Murals of Ben Shahn: Jewish Identity in the American Scene will be published Oct. 2015. Diana has been awarded prestigious fellowships from the Getty Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, among others. Diana currently resides in Claremont, CA.
Ivan Savvine
Ivan Savvine has recently earned his Master's degree in Art History from Syracuse University. Born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Savvine studied Linguistics and British-American Literature before pursuing his graduate studies in the history of art. An inveterate enthusiast of Russian Modernism, he brings to The Art Story a thorough understanding of the groundbreaking avant-garde artists often overlooked in the critical understanding of modern art. Based in New York City, Mr. Savvine pursues various freelance writing projects focusing on the theory of architecture and the Russian and German art of the 1920's.
Tracy DiTolla
Tracy DiTolla is an Art History Professor who earned her BA from William Paterson University and her MA from Montclair State University with a focus on mid-twentieth century New York art. She organizes and curates a yearly art and music festival to promote local artists and musicians. Tracy is also an artist whose work is shown locally. She believes her knowledge of making art gives her greater insight when writing about the art of others. Her combined love of art and writing led to her position as a contributor for The Art Story. Tracy currently teaches and creates in New Jersey and is planning on pursuing her PhD.
Katlyn Beaver
Kate Beaver holds a MA in Art History from the University of Oregon and a BA in History from Boston College. Her research areas span 20-21st century visual art and digital culture, specializing in modernism in Latin America and contemporary curatorial studies. Kate currently researches the use of digital scholarship to enhance learning and instruction of art historical topics, and brings to the Art Story a professional background as an instructor of art history in both museum and university settings. She is currently based in San Diego, CA.
Bonnie Rosenberg
Bonnie Rosenberg is an arts writer living in New York City. She recently received her Master's in Arts Journalism from Syracuse University's S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. From Saint Louis University she earned her Bachelor's degree in art history and English literature. For The Art Story, she writes exhibition reviews, adds content to artist biographies, and offers her expertise in modern and contemporary art. Bonnie is making a living of her interests and is loving every minute of it.
Julia Brucker
Julia Brucker has an extensive background in art history and education, including over three years as museum educator of the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Mass. She received her M.A. in Art History and a Certificate in Museum Studies from Tufts University. Her passion for modern art brought her to write for The Art Story.

Audience Development

Marina Imberg
Marina Imberg specializes in non-profit community work with children, families, and young adults. Marina was born and raised in Ukraine, studied Business Management in Brooklyn College and got her Masters Degree in Education from Fordham University. She joined the Art Story in 2012, bringing her knowledge and experience with non-profit organizations to fulfill her desire to inspire more individuals to appreciate the arts.

Copy Editors

Eve Griffin
Eve Griffin is a freelance editor and writer and is currently obtaining an MLS in Archival Studies, with a concentration on variable media in museum archives. She has her MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History from Tufts University and received her BA in Art History from Smith College. She has worked at The Museum of Modern Art in New York where she processed the scrapbooks of Abstract Expressionist Robert Motherwell, and at the Fogg Museum at Harvard University in the Modern and Contemporary Department.
Ashley E. Remer
With an MA in Art History from the University of Auckland, Ashley E. Remer has worked as an art historian, writer, editor, curator, and critic. Based in both New York City and New Zealand, Ashley is the founder and Head Girl of the newly established Girl Museum Inc., an online museum dedicated to research and exhibiting contemporary and historic representations of girlhood cross culturally. She is committed to exploring innovative delivery of virtual resources for art history education.

Graphic Designers

Thomas Reczek
Thomas Reczek is a freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer with over 25 years of print and web design experience. He has a BFA in Design Graphics from the New York Institute of Technology and has been the creator of many interactive and functional websites and technology platforms. Mr. Reczek leads graphic design at The Art Story, and has been an integral part of the team that started the foundation.
Sofia Melnikova
Sofia Melnikova is studying in Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry to be an art historian. Her field of study is 18th and 19th century architecture, of which her native St. Petersburg is a live museum. She is also an artist working in watercolors, tempera on wood, and ceramics. Melnikova travels to a range of culturally and historically rich European and Russian cites. She is also a volunteer in Hermitage, one of the best museums in the world. Melnikova brings her graphic design skills to help The Art Story Foundation development efforts.


Kostiantyn Tsaregradskyi
Kostiantyn Tsaregradskyi holds B.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics from his native Kharkiv, Ukraine. Kostiantyn is very fond of Renaissance artists. Among his interests and hobbies are web programming, airsoft, live action role-playing games, historical reenactment, snowboard, folk and metal music.

Expert supporters and specialized contributors

Alistair Rider
Alistair Rider is a Lecturer in Art History at the University of St Andrews. He received his PhD from the University of Leeds, and was a research fellow at the University of York for two years before moving to Scotland. He teaches classes on modern sculpture, critical theory, New York modernism and experimental art of the 1960s. In 2006 he helped edit an anthology of art criticism on Carl Andre (About Carl Andre: Critical Writings since 1965). He has also written a monograph on Andre, which is due to be published by Phaidon Press in 2011. Currently, he is working on two separate research projects. The first is a study of artists from the 1960s and 1970s who have devoted entire careers to a single, ongoing project, and the second is an examination of contemporary art practices that explore environmental and ecological themes without invoking traditional concepts of 'nature'.

Dr. Rider's recent book, About Carl Andre: Critical Texts Since 1965, is available currently at

Alistair Rider has contributed the Carl Andre artist page to The Art Story Foundation.

Stephen Knudsen
Stephen Knudsen has taught University painting, color and design theory, and critical art theory, for 19 years. Knudsen is has an M.F.A. in painting along with a biology degree and has also taught Chemistry and Biology. He has published ground-breaking color theory and has developed the Knudsen Dual Color Wheel used in universities across the country. He has also revised Monroe Beardsley's aesthetics in an essay that is used widely across the campus at the Savannah College Of Art And Design, where he is currently professor of painting. He is a contrubutor to Art Calendar Magazine, ArtPulse Magazine, The SECAC Review Journal, Professional Artist Magazine, Chicago Arts Magazine,, and he exhibits his work internationally.

Recent work and published essays can be seen at

Stevek Knudsen contributed the Gustave Courbet artist page to the Art Story Foundation.

Site Notes

The below notes deal with miscellaneous topics related to this website and The Art Story Foundation as a whole.

A note on simplifying art history

Although the creators of understand that breaking down movements and influences into simple statements is a form of simplification, we believe that this step is a required one to make the complex concepts in Modern art palatable for the larger audience that this website is trying to accommodate. Users with advanced understanding of Modern art may find the breakdowns too general, but for those people the website offers further in-depth analysis and references to original sources.

A note on viewing reproductions online

Whenever we look at web images of artworks, it is important to remember that much of the effect that these images have is completely lost when viewed on our computer monitor. This is invariably the case with Abstract Expressionist works where the size, color and surface are key to the appreciation and the experience. Please do not forget this at any point while using this site.

Why is not written more academically, with citations, bibliographies, etc?

The goal of our organization is to introduce the arts, and art history to a broad audience. We believe that technical writing, including extra terms and citations take away from the reader's experience. We attempt to be as friendly and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The problem in maintaining interested readers is further amplified on the internet, where our audience's ability to read off the screen and overall length of attention span is generally limited.

Some People Say This About The Art Story:

"I love your site. I am a high school Drawing/Painting teacher. We use your site for quick info that helps my students understand art. Drawing/Painting is a "required" elective so most of my students are just starting the creative process. We write about and produce art so your site is step one in the creative process: see what's out there, see what's been done, and add your creative twist to it. Thanks for your hard work. It makes my job easier."
- Pat, May 2015

"I have so enjoyed this site as I begin on my journey in college. Thank you all so much for giving of yourselves in this site."
- Corrine, September 2014

"Seriously great website!! Biographies, quotes, influences from other artists, timelines, links to other websites.. Could not wish for anything more! Thank you very much :) Greetings from Holland"
- Tessa, November 2012

"Excellent work -- I am sending my students to you!"
- Frenchy, October 2012

"You helped research for my tattoo, i love the art nouveau era, such beauty."
- Riqi, September 2012

"Great story, reading it is like playing Roulette and winning each time the wheel stops."
- Roy, August 2012

"Always new ideas to think through. This is why I search for answers to questions I didn't even have a thought about. I like this site because it is the facts that are important much more than pushing one artist over another, giving all their 15 minutes of glory. I search every late night when sleep is still a distant reality, it gives me new ideas in which I later will convert to paintings. And isn't that what Art is all about, pushing what you think into new and unexpected. directions. This why Abstract Expressionism touched my soul and left an incredible point of view. Keep pushing yourself to go one better."
- Harvey, June 2012

"a serendipitous journey: I googled up the movie Freaks, was reminded how I favor the MGM logo, looked the significance of Ars Gratia Artis which led me here...a discussion on art. Art for Art's sake."
- Beatrice, November 2011

"of course, Rothko would hate this type of analysis and boiled down biography of his life and work. but still, something to consider."
- Bryan, November 2011

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